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Mila’s reading gave me a sense of overall meaning and an understanding that everything that has happened truly happened for a reason.  I cannot understand how she knew about things that has already happened , but I guess that’s part of the mystery of Astrology. I left the reading with a sense of renewed hope that I’ve missed for a long time. A wonderful feeling that is very lasting.
Thank you Mila.

Lars ~ Scorpio


Not the first Astrologer I consulted with, but for sure my favorite one.
She has in depth knowledge and insight into the chart, as if she sat there beside me through out my life path, I was impressed.
To my experience, offers more personal depth and her report really doesn't read or sound as an generic one.
Her interpretation reads lightly and radiates intelligent and positive approach.
I recommend her!
Thank you, Mila.


Dear Mila, I was totally blown away by your abilities.  I think that’s the only way to put it. I have never felt so understood by someone that I don’t know and have never met.  It’s strange, and completely liberating and amazing at the same time. Can’t thank you enough for the work you did.

Mia ~ Pisces 

Mila did my synastry reading and was extremely accurate in her statements. It was an eye-opening reading as I realised some hidden aspects of certain situation. It helped me to understand many of my own feelings and emotions which were unexplanatory to me for a very long time.
As an outcome I built a higher level of understanding about the past and present of the relationship between two souls. Mila is a very approachable, passionate and friendly person. All these qualities of hers make Mila a great and emphatic Astrologer. I highly recommend Mila. Thank you!


Mila’s knowledge in Astrology is incredible. The most detailed reading I’ve ever had. My relationship issues became clearer and I gained an understanding in the bigger picture. I left with a sense of peace and calm. I will tell my friends and family about you Mila! Thank you !

Anthony ~ Capricorn  

My reading with Mila was not my first Astrology consultation, but it was by far the most personal one I’ve had. She told me very specific things about my personality and life that only I know and no one else. I go back and read it again and again. It was obvious that Mila has extensive knowledge in the field. I will for sure consult you again Mila!

Jonathan ~ Gemini

While I was going through a difficult period of transitions in my life I was recommended you from a friend. Your reading gave me a deeper understanding of what was happening to me and the reasons behind. I gained trust that everything was happening for a reason I also understood more of the journey that I had been traveling. It was all part of the purpose. Thank you for inspiration, your knowledge, and wisdom. Astrology is truly a powerful tool for self-understanding. Thanks, Mila

- Louise Ekbladh

My consultation with Mila was like 20 years of therapy in an instance! I didn’t have to explain myself to Mila because it’s all there in the chart. It was a relief to talk to someone who knows you inside and out. Mila pointed out my relationship issues with spooky preciseness. She also gave me hands on advice on how to solve them.

Tanya ~ Libra

After a longer period of questioning my working situation and career, I decided that I needed a break for finding out my path.

I got my career reading made by Mila. She pointed out the numerious possibilities that I have in my career, taking my personality traits into consideration. She also reminded me of in which areas some work might be needed and pointed out where it is necessery to release old patterns too. 

I got a large sense of hope and relief, understanding the importance of letting go instead of fighting against the voice of my soul.

I feel that Mila has really captioned my true nature and my inner needs, as if she already knew me and my background..

I can warmly recommend her readings. Mila holds a very empathic nature and a highly developed intuition. 


- Pia ~ Pisces

Because Mila can see your background in the horoscope, her guidance becomes very personal. When someone knows everything about you, you trust their advice. Mila’s readings are incredible. Soothing and encouraging at the same time. I truly recommend her!



Yesterday my best friend saw the whole reading. She got interested in having one! I felt more relaxed and acceptance to myself after the reading, i also found a little peace of heaven in the world like i belong more. Again, thank you Mila

- Anneli Hjerpe

Wow!!!! The relationship reading! I don’t know where to start…. Mila gave me and my partner a reading and she pinpointed almost of all our weaknesses and strengths. It was a transformative session for both me and my partner and we left the session with a much clearer idea of what needs to be done. Mila is truly gifted and with a very developed intuition. I wish everybody would get the chance to a reading with her.  ​

- Alexander Norton

I had no idea that Astrology could give so much information about a person. When I came to you I was in a very stressful situation but your analysis of my situation and what I could gain from this situation gave me some kind of peace of mind and a sense that a higher plan was in action, this gave me a lot of strength to carry on. I’m also amazed at how you could see things I’ve been through in the past!

Keep up the good work! 

- Jonathan Garcia

” I want to thank Mila for her reading of my birth horoscope. She told stories from my life, without knowing anything about me! I received a lot of advice on how to move on from a stuck situation, and this was truly helpful! I’ve already taken action towards self-improvement by the way Mila described. I only knew weekly horoscopes before this, but I can tell you this is something very different!  Thank you again, Mila!”



Nishani Whitley ~ Sagittarius



I’ve gone through a very rough time recently, not knowing which path is the best one to take. Mila clarified for me some emotional issues that she thinks have brought me here. She even mentioned things that had really happened to me! The reading gave me many new perspectives also concrete ideas on how I could move forward. Mila also has a way of being that is very soothing and reassuring.

Thank you Mila, I’ll see you again.



Niels Bosker ~ Pisces


The reading I received from you Mila was an awakening, literally! You knew so many things about me that barely no one knows! Most precious about it all was the feeling I got of belonging to something bigger. If this is written in my horoscope all that happens now and before…I don’t know what to say! You talked about my background in a way that I understood that I was not crazy but it had actually happened this way that I felt. I feel calm and more relaxed in the future.

Thank you so much!!


 Eline van Santen ~  Sagittarius


The difference between Mila and other Astrologers is her ability to make you feel truly seen and understood. I’ve consulted other therapists in this field who seem to relate more to themselves than to actually listen to me as a client. The karmic part of her reading I found especially interesting, I’ve also understood that she uses her clairvoyance in her readings. I didn’t know this at the time of booking.

I can recommend Mila from my heart.



Linnea Eriksson  ~ Scorpio





I have had my chart read a few times before. Mila is very insightful and positive in her readings. When I came to her my confidence was very low after a longer period of difficulties. By pointing to all the possibilities that my birth horoscope presented I got fresh ideas and inspiration on how to move on from a stuck situation. She also pointed out where it is necessary for me to release old patterns. I think the most precious thing I got from my reading with Mila was hope.




Dave Crandall~ Gemini




I booked a reading of my eldest sons birth chart. He is still a child and I wanted to know in which ways I can support him. The way you explained my son's chart I felt like you knew him Mila. You described his personality exactly the way he is. I received lots of inspiration and ideas on how I can support him, and I feel much more confident now after your reading. Your humor and easygoing approach made the reading a very enjoyable session although the topic was serious. I will keep this reading in my heart and go back to it in times of need. It was one very precious session for me.

Thank you Mila




Maria Hedberg  ~  Leo

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