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Private readings
Extensive written reports

I dedicate approximately one week to prepare your horoscope before our consultation. It's important to note that in-depth astrology readings are typically done once or twice a year at most. The insights you gain from this information are meant to be a valuable resource that you can reflect on and apply throughout your life. This is the enchanting and enduring nature of the birth chart—it provides guidance that spans your entire lifetime.

Birth chart Reading n1

The big horoscope reading– Your inner map.

379 USD/written report or video call

It all starts here. The script of your life that is modified every second by your own choices. We explore your potential and your personality – including those parts of you that could use more conscious awareness and integration. You came here with a purpose and your horoscope reveals what that purpose is. Your birth horoscope is with you your whole life and is an invaluable piece of information.

- Family background and inherited patterns. We will look at where you came from and where you are     going.


- Relationships and emotional needs


- Karmic circumstances


- Career - in which fields and circumstances can I shine the brightest


Prepare 3 questions or themes before the reading that you would like me to take a closer look at.

The small horoscope reading

199 USD / Written report or video call 15 min 

The brief reading

I focus on the most prominent parts of your personality. Your most important characteristics and assets.I will touch briefly your overall purpose, and inspire you to take advantage of your best traits. This is the shorter version of " The big horoscope reading" 

Relationship Reading

The love reading 


379 USD / Big reading
199 USD/ Small reading


In this reading I will be looking at how you can use YOUR very unique attractive powers to attract the RIGHT kind of people/ relationships in to your life. For example many of you have concerns about how to attract a suitable partner. By looking at special points and planets in your horoscope, for example the Moon, Venus and Mars we can see how you can attract a good match into your life. 
We can also identify where it is more likely that you find this person. 
The great thing with this method is that there is no pretending or changing yourself involved.
We simply look at what exists naturally inside of you. This way the relationship is more likely to last – because it’s authentic. 

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Match or not? 


379 USD/ Written report or video call

Compatibility between two people. How does the two of you match? What are your advantages together, and your challenges? This reading can be between two lovers, friends or just anyone you are very keen on. 
What is your future potential?

Karma between the two of you. 
Life areas where you are connected to each other

Forecast 12 months ahead

Transit reading

379 USD/ Written report or video call

We look at what's happening in your life from now and 12 months ahead. Transits and progressions in Astrology language. It describes the planetary movements that are affecting you over time. We can call it "the currents in your life." You decide yourself what you want to do with it, but this reading gives you a map to hold on to when life gets complicated or confusing. A map that shows you the deeper meaning behind what's happening in your life. 

The career reading

Money & Career reading

379 USD/Written report or video call

Career (job) personal life and soul purpose in integration. The birth chart shows us ways that we can express our true self through a vocation. Only when we are working with what is fulfilling for us, only then we can be truly happy and healthy individuals.​ How and in which fields can I earn the most money? Or if money is not your main objective we will look solely at the enjoyment factor. 

379 USD/ Written report or video call

Child reading

Love child reading



You want to help and understand your child in the best way possible. You want to know how you can support your child’s growth. Whether your child is only yet a baby or a full grown kid/ teenager the child reading works the same as the full birth horoscope reading with the exception that here the analysis is on an external person.

We look at your child’s very own specific needs and personality, emotionally and intellectually. By discovering more about hers/his talents at an early stage you are fully equipped to support your child in the best way possible! The recording will also be one very exciting piece of information for your grown up child to discover! 


Follow up or serial of readings

249 USD/ Written report or video call 

At the follow up reading you get the chance to discuss further questions and concerns that might have been raised during the first reading. You can also schedule a serial of readings with me over a longer period. This is suitable when we have identified issues that need more work to solve. I will be your coach during this period, giving you concrete advice and tasks.  


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