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About Astrology

What is a birth horoscope consultation?


Recent decades science has made great progress in mapping and understanding DNA when it comes to understanding how both personalities and physical conditions are created in the biological process. Though as we all know we are not only our biology but a sum of different factors such as social conditioning and our very own free will to make the decisions that will shape our lives. My readings always operate from the standpoint of the free will.
Beyond the DNA that was given to you at the time of your creation, your birth chart based on your time of birth gives the Astrologer information about which energies where operating at the time of your birth.
Simplified the birth chart is a snapshot of our solar system at the moment of your birth. This snapshot will remain with you as a psychological DNA imprint until the day that you leave this physical incarnation. And here comes the best part: You yourself decide exactly what you want to do with this snapshot. The birth chart interpreted by an Astrologer gives information about the choices that you are free to make about the person that you have the possibility to become.


In my readings I’ve chosen to focus on the following areas:


  • Your potential as a whole and in different areas of your life

  • Talents and how you can develop them

  • Parts of the personality that needs further integration

  • Blocks that might be obstacles for you to live out your fullest potential

  • Your emotional needs and relationships: What can be improved and how                                                                                      can we create this?

  • What your soul purpose is in this life


How does a reading work?


During a reading, at first, you will recognize yourself a lot in the

information that I give you, and you will probably realize that

what you have felt intuitively about your lives direction was not

accidental at all.  
The main purpose of any of my readings is to give you direction, inspiration, and clear and specific advice on how to achieve your goals and/or how to find greater harmony and balance in your life. To put it shortly; you leave the reading with a greater sense of purpose, inspiration, and self-confidence.
You are the one leading the reading (but reversed also works in case you’d prefer that) and I want you to prepare 3 questions or focus areas before the reading, areas you’d like me to take a closer look at. In case you choose not to do so I will follow a standard.


Why Astrology?

There are as many reasons for getting to know yourself through Astrology as there are stars in the Universe. However there is one overall reason that applies to many people of today, and that is that we live in times when more and more people start questioning the structures that previous generations built. These are both physical and mental structures. Inside of us and as physical evidence surrounding us. They were useful for a long time and helped us to develop. But as consciousness grows for many people, we need new tools in order to understand this and what is happening both inside of us and in our outside world.  
Many people feel that they do not any longer fit into the structures that previous generations built.
This can be both on the society level and on a personal level.  As we people change on an individual basis the world around us start changing and that is what is happening right now in the world. The world is going through an unstable phase with lots of conflicts and natural catastrophes for example. As everything is a mirror of what is happening somewhere else, the world state right now is a mirror of the growing consciousness of us inhabitants of the earth. It's like growing pain or labor pains. Something new is to be
born, because the majority wants that.
More text coming soon...

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