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When Pluto wiped out my family

Pluto transits to personal planets and points are complete life changers. Your life will never look the same again in some aspects. I’m usually quite reserved when it comes to sharing very private stories of my life, but I felt that this could help others who are going through a similar thing.

Pluto’s journey through one house can last for decades. During the majority of my life I’ve had Pluto transiting my fourth house. This I discovered later in my life though, when I started getting in to more advanced Astrology. So naturally my home and growing up environment had to exhibit some Plutonian traits, and boy if it did! My growing up environment was a place of narcissistic abuse, violence, power struggles, manipulation, secrets, and all dark Pluto themes you can think of.

So does every single person who has Pluto transiting their fourth house these themes? Definitely not. As I have personal planets in my 12th and 10th house, Pluto made hard angles to these planets and also to MC and ASC as he traveled though the fourth house. Even with a heavy weightier as Pluto, if he doesn’t aspect important planets on his journey through a house, you will not feel the Pluto themes very personal. Aspects are everything.

Pluto is known for transforming in a definite way, and this definitely happened to me. For me all the dark things that happened in my biological family were not the worst, the worst was that I had lost a family that I could never have back. My family was very clear about their unwillingness to change themselves; they remained exhibiting only dark themes, so I had no other choice than cutting them of for life. Some of my family members have even become more aggressive and threatening since I cut them off. So even though Pluto did leave my fourth house for some time ago, I am not completely free from it yet. To give one example they have acted threatening to my one year old .

But I do know that the worst related to the fourth house and Pluto is over. I don’t have to live inside the “Pluto world” any longer.

What I wanted to say with this text is that the effect of Pluto through one house depends a lot on what your birth horoscope looks like. Pluto aspected my already very afflicted planetary configurations as it moved through the fourth house. Planets transiting the cardinal houses will also feel stronger in general (house 1, 4, 7, 10) .

Pluto does bring the truth and freedom in the end. It was first when Pluto had left my fourth house that I really grasped what had happened to me. When you live in the middle of Pluto for so long, it starts feeling like normal in some sense.

It was first at my first Saturn return at 30 that I felt I was beginning a healing process of all that had happened to me. I see the first 30 years of my life as mostly surviving, but at my Saturn return things turned around in many ways.

Have you had a planetary transit that you believe affected your life in a very big way?

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