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When an Astrologer gets pregnant

When I got to know that I was pregnant I was sure my baby was going to have a Capricorn Moon, although it was impossible to calculate at that point . ( Moon tells us about the Mother) second guess was Taurus Moon. (Because I’m crazy about food among other things.) When finally it was getting closer to birth I all the time had the Moon's position at the back of my head despite being on drugs and struggling. It’s really funny how the brain of an Astrologer works sometimes. Since my baby was two weeks late the labour was induced, and the actual process took two days (?!!) At that point I knew it stood between Sagittarius and Capricorn. For a while it looked like the baby was gonna end up with a Sagittarius Moon and at that moment I was really puzzled since I really couldn’t identify with being a Sagittarius style Mother. Haha…

I do remember that it was very difficult for me to even calculate properly in my head because of the drugs, but obsessed Astrologer I was… Anyway my daughter ended up with a Capricorn Moon and some interesting aspects to it.

Do you have kids and how do you feel about your kids Moon sign and aspects? There's a lot of fear involved here I've noticed. People read random facts about Moon signs and Mothers on the internet, that are often negative and not true at all. Schedule your personal birth horoscope reading with me. Written report or Skype meeting. Swedish/ English click "contact" upper right corner

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