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What does it take to flee your family? Rahaf Mohammed Horoscope analysis

I was curious on what kind of character it takes to flee from your own family (who is threatening to kill you) and country to an unknown country and future. I have also abandoned my whole family so I can personally relate to this scenario in many ways.

Many of us heard the story about Rahaf Mohammed 19 years old from Saudi Arabia who fled from her abusive family while on vacation together with them. She fled with airplane to Thailand where she first barricaded herself inside a toilet. After that she was granted asylum in Australia. Rahaf didn’t only flee from an abusive family, she also fled from a country which she herself describes as a prison for woman to live in. I have no birth time on Rahaf so I’ve chosen to look at the elements that are stable without birth time.

Rahaf is an idealistic Pisces Sun with Mercury in Pisces too. She has a small stellium (concentration of planets) in also idealistic and freedom loving Aquarius.

Mars in its home sign Aries shows someone with a huge drive and probably a significant amount of courage too…

If we look closer at the actual aspects what strikes me first is her Sun in square aspect to Chiron and also in loose aspect to Pluto. This girl was certainly not born on a rose bed.

Chiron and Pluto in hard aspect to the Sun shows someone who has a deep wound in the identity that could be related to both the male side of the family OR collective forces such as for example traditions of a nation. Chiron and Pluto are collective generational planets and when these planets make aspects to personal ones in the birth chart that’s one possible expression.

With these aspects also comes the opportunity to be a force in collective currents yourself! That is a more empowering way to use Astrology than to simply say that this and that is difficult! People with strong aspects to the collective planets has the potential to play key roles in the collective in some kind of way.

Rahaf herself said that her wish is to be an inspiration for other Saudi woman living under terror. And yes Chiron Sun contacts come with exactly that! - To be a kind of healer, possibly in collective matters. Also Pisces in itself is a sign with healing capacities.

Pluto square Sun also has the power to tap into the collective, and it shows someone very unafraid because the person has experienced a lot of darkness in their life. The orb is quite wide here but judging from what Rahaf herself have said it seems to be active in her life.

A high frequency expression of collective/ transpersonal planets in the birth chart could be to do something belonging to the nature of the planet in question in society and the world as a whole. I believe these people are somehow chosen to be way showers, often through a challenging life path because collective energies are not easily manageable. Whenever you see a birth horoscope where the personal planets are in strong contact with the collective ones the chart holder has the potential to be an agent of change among the masses. Very interesting in my opinion…

There are so many interesting things to say about Rahaf’s birth chart overall. I believe her Pisces and Aquarius traits give her the idealism and vision to carry through with such a difficult plan as leaving her family and culture.

Venus in Aquarius needs freedom in order to be happy more than anyone else, also Rahaf and her fellow generational friends has Uranus in its ruler sign Aquarius. That is also a powerful freedom aspect in itself.

A look at Rahaf’s transits and progressions at the moment of her escape would of course be interesting too but that’s another story.

Do you see something else interesting that I have skipped? Please comment and discuss with me and others – Astrology friends of all levels welcome. No thoughts or questions are stupid.

Please note that this text doesn’t mirror my own opinions, so anyone who goes to personal attack on me will be turned in to a dry cockroach.

I wish Rahaf all the blessings and luck in the world in building herself a new life in her new location.

Thank you for reading! Do you want me to analyse YOUR birth horoscope? I do written and verbal reports.

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