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Wear your crown - Sun sextile North Node of destiny

The Sun in Libra sextile North Node in Leo, Moon conjunct Uranus.

The North Node - Representing of our destiny and highest purpose in this lifetime connects with the Sun today, showing us there is a way to connect with what we came here for.

The Sun in Libra (relationships) tells us that we could discover this through our connections. Though you have to let your special light shine. What is special about you? You wouldn’t be sent here if you weren’t special. Leo is the sign symbolized by “royalty.” You don’t have to be part of the royal family to be royal. Royal lives in the heart – also the organ ruled by Leo.

Be a little brave, show someone who you are and what you can do. How else can they know? Be a little Leo, this is a little piece of Leo in action.

Keep yourself open to signs from the Universe – They might appear now.

This is a general horoscope of today that applies to everyone.

If you have access to your personal birth horoscope look at the houses involved in this aspect, and you’ll know which areas of your life that is involved in this transit.

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