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Volatile vibe today. Keep calm.

Today we have a very excentric and impulsive planetary combination! Mars and Uranus is having a meeting in the sky. People could act temperamental or just...funny in some way. Or it's you who are doing this! Try to be tolerant and laugh at funny situations that might arise. This influence only last a day or two.

Also try not to act fast and impulsive, you could say or do things that you regret after.

There is a thirst for excitement and for a break from the routines in the air.

Do something new or unusual to canalize this energy. Any kind of sports

would be great since Mars rules sport activities. All creative endaveours with an unusual twist are also good and can bring development.

Mars also rules sex so if you have someone to do creative stuff with there, thats great ;)

As always if you are directly affected depends on your birth horoscope.

Please comment with questions and thoughts!

Mars square Uranus 18/9 2018

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