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Virgo New Moon - Earth has heard your wishes!

Virgo New Moon

Sept 6,7

Special info: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

Born near to the following dates: Sept 6, May 2, Jan 4

What an amazing New Moon we just had! The Moon is now slowly becoming more and more visible, and it’s around these days that it’s excellent to put new plans into action! For best results, I would wait until Thursday, Friday with the action.

So what was so special about this New Moon? Well first of all this New Moon made almost only light and positive aspects to other planets. This in itself is a promise that the things that we initiate now can bear fruit and in this case a very tangible and material “fruit”. This is because the New Moon happened in an earth sign - Virgo, and from there it made a positive angle to Uranus in Taurus - also an earth sign!

When earth signs connect in this positive way it talks about something material that can manifest. And if you are born around one of the dates mentioned above you are more personally affected than others.

Still, you have to practice some patience because New Moon gifts don't always deliver exactly on the date of the New Moon. Take into account at least 4 weeks from the day of the New Moon to see some results.

Virgo and Uranus energy talk about positive change that might occur within the “ Virgo field” - Work/career, everyday routines, health, and exercise. Now is the time to put these kinds of projects into action!

Some things to think about now:

- Be open to unusual or progressive solutions; New technology, alternative ways of doing things…

- Listen to the new ideas that might come to you now, from yourself or others. Even if they seem odd this can be something to build from.

- Respect and listen to your intuition, it could tell you very true things right now.

Want to know which exact life areas and themes that this New Moon activates for you? Book your personal reading with me under "Contact".

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