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Virgo full Moon – Numbers versus humans

Full Moon in Virgo March 9 Today we have a lovely super full Moon in Virgo. A super Moon is when the Moon is closer to earth than usually and therefore appears bigger to us. Virgo is the sign of efficiency, organization and overall betterment. If you want something to become better hire a Virgo for the job!

Today I was at the preschool together with my daughter. She just started there and the first days the parents are there with the kids, so to make the child feel safe at this new beginning.

I liked the place when I was first there for a few days ago, but some things made me uneasy. When it was time for all to eat I was explained that they weigh the food before and after eating, in order to know how much food that is going to waste. So after eating they collected all the food that was left on the plates, and also on the floors (yes babies throws food on the floor).

So far so good. I can understand this idea in times of political savings and environmental ambitions. What I didn’t like though was the obsession about weighting and counting the food that permeated the air at this preschool. The dominant conversation at the table every day that I was there was the contest they had there, a contest between the different departments inside the preschool about which department that had thrown away the least food.

The worst thing of it all was that they served very very little food at the table. I was given 150 gram food for lunch!! I’m a grown up woman and at least 400 gram I think is suitable for a grown up.

When I mentioned this in a polite way I was given the very evil eye and an explanation that the whole idea with this food saving program came from political directives.

We are also not allowed to bring our own food to the school for safety reason. There I was stranded with no food! Haha…

To stay awake and also take care of a baby for 6 hours requires energy, in other words - food!! The worst thing was the very impolite treatment I was given. Sweden is not a poor country; in fact it’s one of the richest countries in the world. Why can we not be given enough food?? Anyway, the whole theme of counting and saving felt so much Virgo to me; The Shadow Virgo. Efficiency is great as long as we don’t forget the humans in the equation. What’s the point in being efficient if it blocks people from accessing the basics? This Full Moon is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is all about oneness and compassion. At this full Moon Neptune is asking us to loosen up a bit. Where am I so down in details that I forget the whole picture? A balance need to be struck between Virgo and Pisces energy.

Where do you need to find this balance?

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