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Venus in Scorpio. How deep is your love?

Venus is soon halfway through its journey through Scorpio. This is an interesting position for Venus. When Venus travels through Scorpio we want to get to the bottom with the dark matters of relationships. At my child’s kindergarten there is a theme week about domestic abuse and violence. These are Venus in Scorpio subjects that tend to come up in the collective when we have this transit.

The evolved expression of Venus in Scorpio is that when we have brought to light the darker dynamics of relationships we can find a really true, strong, and transforming kind of love/ relating.

When Snow white bite that apple she was sent on a journey of death (almost) and rebirth, and she got to know the darker side of human relationships. Snow white made a Scorpionic Journey.

In your birth horoscope if you have Venus in aspect to Pluto it’s similar to having Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio dates 2019: Oct 8 – Nov 1. Schedule your personal horoscope reading with me. Click "Readings".

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