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This week. Luck and abundance with love, money, and relationships!

On Sunday the 24th we have the amazing alignment of Venus and Jupiter in the sky. This promises luck for everyone in a certain life area depending on your exact personal chart. But there are themes that goes for everyone luckily! For example Jupiter expands the qualities of Venus promising that all of us can easier attract very favorable circumstances when it comes to money, love, & beauty!

If you have your birth horoscope in front of you be sure to check in which house ( life area) this is happening for you. Be observant in that life area and try to expose yourself in that certain area of your life so that Jupiter’s luck can really reach you.

For me for example the alignment falls in my 4th house of family and background. Just today I decided to contact a person from the past that I used to be close to. I’m hoping for some kind of reunion, and starting over. Jupiter is a very jovial and forgiving energy. So maybe Jupiter’s blessings will reach me on this area… Wish me luck! :) Schedule your personal birth horoscope reading with me. Verbal or written reports. "Contact" in the upper right corner.

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