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The twelfth house – Narcissists and empaths

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The twelfth house is a popular house in Astrological debates. Suffering, sacrifice, or spiritually evolved people are themes that many connect with this house. Saint type people who sacrifice their lives for others. But did you know that an activated 12th house is also found in the horoscopes of mentally ill and sometimes dangerous people’s horoscopes. I want to give one example: Narcissism is a personality disorder that creates immense suffering for the people around the Narcissist.

Moon in the twelfth house can figure in a Narcissists birth chart. Why? Planets in the twelfth house require a lot of consciousness to work in a normal and beneficial way. But Moon in the twelfth house tells us the story that emotions are hard to catch here, and that there may also be emotional trauma that makes it even more difficult to get to the bottom with these emotions. Therefore the Narcissist for some reason decides to shut it all down. And a person who is not in contact with their emotions can be a dangerous person. This can result in lack of empathy, also the need to be feeling superior of other people due to a shaky sense of self, as compensation. The unconscious motives drive this individual, and since these motives are intertwined with trauma they tend to come out twisted. The twelfth house is an extremely interesting house and I’ve looked at many charts with twelfth house emphasis. Many of them wonderful people, and many of them interested in Astrology. But unfortunately I’ve also bumped in to a few Narcissist charts with 12th house emphasis. (Usually not clients) This was a very brief explanation of Narcissism and the twelfth house; of course the whole horoscope has to be analyzed too. Narcissism is very complex, and I also want to say that it’s sad that people now days use this word too easily. Some people call every bad person they meet a Narcissist, but of course that’s probably not the case.

I have close personal experience of Narcissism and I know that real Narcissists can destroy people’s lives if the victims allow them.

There are many more indicators of Narcissism in the horoscope. If you suspect that someone close to you is suffering from this personality disorder I can have a look at the person’s horoscope. But have in mind that Astrology shows only probabilities, so never give someone a diagnosis by only using Astrology.

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