The Sun enters Aries. Happy New Year!

The Astrological New Year begins as the Sun enters the first fire sign, and also the first sign of the zodiac - Aries! The air is filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for new beginnings. This is completely fearless energy. The next 4 weeks are a great time to start anything that requires independent initiative and action. Have you got Aries planets in your personal birth horoscope? ( You can have even if you are born in another sign) How does this play out for you? I have got Venus (planet of relating) in Aries. And I’ve certainly had a slightly fearless approach in interacting with others throughout my life. This helped me a lot when I worked within sales as I didn’t have any problem approaching anyone with my message ;)

The house in your personal horoscope where you’ve got Aries ( especially the first degrees) is a life area where the Universe will reward you for being courageous and pioneering. So have a look at your horoscope now and find Aries the first degrees! This life area will also be lit up in the next coming 4 weeks, and you will see themes of this house appear in your life.

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