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The power of love…and money. Pluto opposing Venus

( cosmic weather now, applies to all ) Pluto associated with profound transformational experiences is currently opposing Venus in Cancer. This can bring up intense experiences revolving around both love and money. Especially where we feel somewhat wounded concerning these topics. It’s likely that something emotionally uncomfortable arises to the surface regarding one or both of these matters when interacting with someone else now. The solution here lies in being completely honest with yourself and others. Pluto wants us to look any fears and dishonesties straight in the eyes regarding these matters. If we do so deep healing can occur. If you’ve got personal planets towards the end spectrum of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, or Cancer this theme is more personal for you. And yes Celine Dion who sang the epic power ballad “The power of love” has this planetary configuration in her birth horoscope! To book your private Astrology reading with me send me a personal message under "Contact".

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