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The fierce feminine; Moon in Cancer, Venus aligns with Ceres

Isabell Hanneuse

The cosmos shines a light on our family relationships and the way we nurture ourselves and others. As Goddess Asteroid Ceres aligns with Venus joy and pleasure come through taking good care of those who are close to us, and of course also ourselves! The Cancer Moon only reinforces this theme of sensitivity and care. On the brink of the Aquarian age as we are family is not any longer only blood ties. You can create a connection to the divine protective feminine through connecting to nature, friends, or the intake of food that nourishes your body and soul.

Ceres in mythology was the Goddess of agriculture (the land that nurtures us). Ceres's beloved daughter was abducted into the underworld by God of the underworld Hades. When this happened everything on earth died and it became constant winter. Eventually, an agreement was made between Hades and Ceres. Ceres's daughter Persephone would spend half of the year above earth and half in the underworld. And so the seasons of Winter and Summer were created. While Persephone was living on earth the flowers were blossoming, and while she was with Hades in the underworld earth was cold and barren.

As the myth describes Ceres also takes about all sorts of separation and transitions in life. You can find Ceres in your own birth horoscope. If she is prominent in your horoscope you might experience some Ceres themes during your lifetime. Find her in your horoscope at To book your private Astrology reading with me send me a message under "Contact".

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