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Thank you!

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

I would like to thank everyone who's joined my page "Milas Astrology", interacted on my posts,mentioned me to others,shared my posts and visited my home page, and also those of you who has visited me for a reading of course!

Astrology and writing is my two biggest passions and seeing that my work is appreciated is a big reward that gives me fuel to continue to study this never ending field, and to continue to spread knowledge! My hope is that I can give inspiration to you in every day life AND during big celestial events. Astrology is interacting with us every day of our life, but we should not forget that we are the ones with the last word! WE are co creators and responsible of our destiny but the stars can give us valuable guidance and a comforting sense that we everyone are a very important piece of a bigger picture. 

During the Summer period I will probably write less, but I will still be available for consultations.

Another thing... I've started giving written reports besides my verbal consultations, just haven't announced it on my site yet. Welcome to order one! 


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