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Sun in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius (Happy birthday Taurus!)

The Sun just entered Taurus and there’s a big chance you just want to lay in the grass smelling the flowers and eat muffins ….That would be fine if it wasn’t for grumpy old ( but wise) man Saturn knocking on your shoulder telling you there are responsibilities to deal with.

The Sun in Taurus is in a square aspect to Saturn right now. This aspect can also mean that the lockdown is really testing us right now. Aquarius is our freedom, the group, our biological need to connect to other people. With Saturn there, our restriction to get just that is what might cause us anxiety and bad mood. But you can turn this planetary energy into something positive. If you have any long term goals now is the time to invest in them, especially if they have to do with your true vocation and soul purpose. You will not see any result now, but much later on.

Where is Taurus in your personal horoscope? (everyone’s got it somewhere) That life area will be lit up the coming 30 days.

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