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South node in Cancer? – You are having your reversed nodal return!

Only a little bit before the Saturn return happen the reversed nodal return strikes. At around age 27. Most Astrology interested people know that the lunar nodes are transiting Cancer and Capricorn right now. But what if you have your South node in Cancer and your North node in Capricorn? That’s the other way around of where the nodes are transiting right now. If you are one of these people you probably can relate to a life path where you are being slightly torn between Cap and Cancer.

At your reversed nodal return this drama crystallizes a bit. At this time your see more clearly how the past has influenced your present, and where you are now going. You also close old chapters of your life in order to move in to your new life. You face your sensitivities and life can be a bit chaotic at this time. Now you understand better your potential, and with this realization automatic closure of some past issues occurs.

The reversed nodal return happens every 18th year approximately. Don’t forget to analyze the meaning of the houses of your lunar nodes. They tend to be more personal than the signs.

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