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Solar eclipse in Scorpio Oct 25 Fated developments

It’s starting to get rather “eclipsy” the overall energy. Can you feel it? Of course, if you are not directly affected via your birth chart you might not feel anything, but many people will! Personally, I get really “speeded up” and my sleeping pattern becomes very irregular. For example, I can be really tired after a couple of days with bad sleep, but still not be able to fall asleep!? It’s like the natural laws changes too during eclipse season!

Keywords for eclipses: Fated events and changes, endings make space for beginnings, surprises, fated encounters, getting on your soul’s path, the universe redirecting you, permanent non-negotiable changes. Once again double-check if you’ve got any planets very close to 2 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio. Or the very end degrees of Libra. If so you might be very affected by this eclipse.

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