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Sensual Taurus Moon starts the Weekend

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

The weekend starts of with a wonderful Moon in Taurus and will be there during Saturday also. The Moon loves to be in Taurus because here the Moon feels safe and can rest in the safety and calmness that Taurus holds. As the first earth sign Taurus is deeply connected to Mother Earth and the first days of Spring when the fields explodes with flowers and beauty. And yes Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, Venus stands not only for beauty but all kind of pleasures and indulgences that makes life worth living. Art, delicious food, beautiful clothes, and sensual pleasures among other things. When the Moon is in Taurus it's a good time to do Venus ruled things. Visit a art gallery, take a walk in nature, hug your loved ones ( Taurus loves touch) or make a dinner party with delicious food. Do you see now how lovely Moon in Taurus is? :)

And if you don't have anyone specific to enjoy life's pleasures with at the moment don't forget that you can take care of and pamper yourself! We are often to much focused on being in company, life can be absolutely wonderful being alone just taking care of yourself, it can be even better because you don't have to think about anyone else's need. Maybe you yourself was born while the Moon was in Taurus? Then I bet you enjoy the things I mentioned above....

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