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Seductive mind... Mars's enormously long stay in Gemini!

Langston Bowen

Mars in Gemini dates: Aug 20, 2022 - March 25, 2023 Mars the planet of drive, willpower, and sexuality is staying an exceptionally long time in the sign of Gemini, all the way until March 25, 2023, as a matter of fact! This means that the house and life area where you have got Gemini will play a very significant role in your life for a long time to come. And yes every single person on earth has got Gemini somewhere in their horoscope! Find 8 degrees of Gemini in your birth horoscope. What house does 8 to 30 degrees of Gemini cover for you? This house and life area will activate in you a strong urge for ambition and willpower, but also revisement ( Going back over things) and some struggles. So definitely worth it to look this up…You may find yourself to have achieved something significant in this life area when this influence has passed. You have probably also done some adjustments in this particular life area. And of course, if you have got personal planets near the 8th or 25th degree of Gemini this planet archetype will play a significant role for you. Generally speaking Mars in Gemini will activate ambitions for everyone around communication projects; writing and speaking, and also the urge and willingness to have multiple projects ongoing at the same time. If you work in a Gemini field be prepared to get energized during this period, but also to encounter obstacles for example verbal arguments. Last but not least yes Mars in Gemini will affect everyone's sex life too of course. This Gemini placement talks about a wish to connect mentally with your special someone for attraction to occur. It can also indicate that you can be experimental, and even willing to have multiple partners during Mars's long stay in Gemini. PS: Writing to me about a personal reading? Please have some patience it may take a day or two until I answer. The demand is high currently. But I always answer.

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