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Scorpio New Moon - Truth comes through chaos

Nov 4 (Special info Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) The New Moon in Scorpio on Nov 4 this week will be an intense and chaotic one as it is opposed by Uranus planet of disruptive change. But Uranus isn’t creating chaos for nothing, in connection to Scorpio, it does so to expose secrecy, lies, but also our deepest desires and passions. In the collective, we will likely see some big protests related to freedom and independence rights. On a personal level, intense emotions may arise at this time, let yourself feel the emotions. Scorpio is the sign of power and positive change. Overwhelming emotions can be a sign that you’re not utilizing your personal power in a beneficial way for yourself. If you are born close to the dates stated below, this New Moon may be more personal for you than others. Scorpio: Nov 4 Taurus: May 2 Leo: August 4 Aquarius: Feb 2 I’ve started giving personal video consultations again! Here comes the rates. I still do written reports, and those rates you can see on my website. The big horoscope reading -150€ The small horoscope reading - 75€ The love reading - 150€ Match or not - 199€ What’s going on now? - 150€ Money and career - 150€ Child reading - 150€ Follow up reading or serial of readings - 99€ Image: Sarah Rocca

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