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Saturn and anger

Many people think of Mars when we talk about anger. But did you know that Saturn in the birth horoscope is very often responsible for an individual’s anger issues. Saturn in challenging aspect to personal planets or important points in the chart can create a sort of defensiveness that can express as anger. Mars and Saturn symbolize different kinds of anger. Mars is often quite explosive and direct, and it often stems from a will to assert oneself. But it also fades quickly when expressed.

Saturn anger instead can be very long lived and is not often direct. It expresses often as a subtle agitation under the surface within a person. The person can act stingy, and say subtle mean things. Often with an aura of defensiveness to it all.

What we must understand here is that the person often struggles with an inferior complex. It’s often unconscious but that’s what it is. Saturn dominant people have struggled a lot with limitation and exclusion in their life.

On the positive side Saturn people when they work with themselves can create strong positive boundaries in their life. In a crazy over the top border-less world this is a great personality trait to have. Many people struggle with boundaries, for example Neptune and Jupiter dominant people. Or Sagittarius and Pisces.

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