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Relationship adjustments - Venus retrograde

Have you noticed Venus retrograde in your personal life? Now Venus has been retrograde for a while so it's very possible you might have noticed some of the effects by now.  If you watched my video on the subject when I posted it you know what it's all about. But here's a summary of thoughts and events that usually emerges during Venus's retrograde motion: - Considering adjustments in relationships - Evaluating the "worth" of your existing relationships. - Realizing imbalances or inequality in relationships - Setbacks in relationships - Bumping into old contacts for example old friends, or romantic partners...or they contact you! - "Fated encounters" The feeling that it's not random, you met for a purpose - if you meet someone. 

Venus is retrograde from July 22 until Sept 3, 2023.

Image from the music video: Hozier " Take me to church"

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