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Pisces New Moon – Greater things than you can imagine

We had a beautifully aspected New Moon in Pisces yesterday, and the energy continues today as the Moon is still in Pisces. This New Moon where doing sextiles to both Uranus and Mars. This means that a lot of inspired action can come from this new moon. Just double check the practicability of your visions before putting them into action. Mercury is retrograde! 3 days after the actual New Moon is a good time to put ideas into action. Pisces energy overall is a balancing act of mindfulness and not falling down into helpless uninspired despair.

Yesterday none of my family members had the energy or inspiration to do anything, ok its Sunday so we should relax I know but when you have a baby, plus everyone is self-employed there is always things to do. Still no one could relax! Most of us are brainwashed to always DO something. Pisces energy tells us that in the not doing is where we can find many answers right now. Pisces is limitless, and when we connect to all the other realms we get access to information that is of the greater consciousness. And the greater consciousness has bigger plans for your life then you could ever have imagined. Still this is so hard to follow practically.

So today if you are at work, and you notice how you fall into a dreamy state. Just let it be! Who knows maybe some great visions for the company will come to you…;)

In which house and life area did the New Moon fall for you? Everyone has Pisces somewhere in their horoscope. Schedule your personal Astrology reading with me. My written reports are popular! Click "contact" to the right above.

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