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Outrageous full Moon with pressured Jupiter

It seems many people got sick in some kind of way during this full Moon. Not surprising at all since it happened in the Pisces Virgo axis.

But now to something else.. I like to tell stories from my own life as Astrological examples. It’s fun and practical.

This Full Moon had Jupiter squared from two sides making it an important planet during this full Moon. The house where Jupiter is transiting right now was emphasizes for everyone during this full Moon. Something was under pressure in that house to put it short. For me it is the 4th house. Our living situation escalated. I’ve lived in the same house for 15 years and been very happy with it but the last few years we have gotten new neighbors who are very disturbing and during this full Moon I actually said: Enough. I can’t stand this anymore, we have to move. It’s very inconvenient to move right now..but does it ever really get very convenient to relocate?? It’s a work that needs to be done. Jupiter is a blessing and he is there in my 4th house right now. We need to expand and move on in the house where Jupiter is transiting. So what is better than to relocate to something better then? This full Moon’s squared and pressured Jupiter told me that enough is enough. Time to move on… Schedule your very own personal reading with me. Go to "Contact" or read what others have said about me under "People say"

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