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OMENS – The importance of connecting with them

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Omens (some calls it "signs") have been a part of the majority of my life. I believe that the environment gives us all the information and clues that we need. Most people just forget to look for them.

My Omen “history” during the course of my life has a mystical connection to the church. I will tell this story now. ( This is not related to Astrology, except both fields are holistic in the approach. )

Almost every time that I’ve been in a deep crisis something or someone from the church has popped up right in front of me. (I might add that I’m not a Christian, and my country is not very Christian either)

One time for some years ago I had been inside for many days because of general depression after a very long and tough period; I finally decide to go out for a walk. The first thing that happens to me out on the big street is two young women approaching me with gentle smiles on their faces.

- "Do you want us to pray for you?"

I’m shocked not knowing what to answer. Do they want to rob me? Is someone stealing from my pockets at this very moment?

They tell me that they are from the local church and just out and about doing some prayers for people in the streets?! This is not something happening on a regular basis in Sweden. I had never heard of it before.

Anyway I think…why not?! And I tell them what I would want them to pray for me. They want a pray request! It takes 2 minutes and then they leave.

Very soon after this incident, I start feeling much better psychologically; Of course, it can be a placebo effect too! I’m aware of that! BUT that is not the point…Omens sometimes come to us to show us that the Universe has not abandoned us. When you understand that you are not alone, you get the strength to keep going. Always be on the lookout for Omens! I use Omens complementary when I do my client readings.

I’m not going to make this text a huge one, but let’s just say that this was not the only time the church or someone from the church has connected with me when I’m extremely down. It happened again only a few months ago. I do have many trines to Neptune (Ruler of Pisces that in turn rules Christianity) in my birth horoscope so that can be why the church “flows” towards me :)

Do you have a special “theme” on your Omens or do they come in varied forms?

I just realized that I might have written about this a few years ago…Well; let’s just see this as a retrograde rerun!

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