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New Moon in Virgo - A story of healing

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Today we rules everyday life) and it's so spectacularly in line with this New Moon! First her doctor appointments were under the full Moon in Pisces and now today the operation. The synchronicity is amazing. Pisces and Virgo represents the healing axis of the Zodiac. Furthermore this New Moon is in opposition with Chiron - an asteroid closely associated with healing and the challenges involved with it.  

While both Pisces and Virgo are about healing one could say that Virgo is more about the actual operation and practicality towards healing since it's an earth sign that wants to get things done - this is how I put it together in relation to the actual surgery. 

It doesn't end here. In her birth chart the new Moon falls in her eight house which is Scorpios territory and which therefore rules surgery, general transformation, and deep healing. There are a few zodiac signs related to healing in different ways and levels. I've mentioned three of the most important ones here, all active around this event.

Another thing I’d like to tell is that I see it as very beneficial that the operation takes place under the Virgo New Moon, Virgo energy is extremely skilled in work of precision, and the sign also rules all professions that involves working with the hands - surgery!  If I was to do an operation I would personally pick a day with a well aspected Virgo emphasis if I had the chance. The only questionable part of this event is that Virgos ruler Mercury is in opposition to Neptune, which could cause Mercury to become more slippery and a lot more.


This new moon favors new beginnings within the fields of work and health regimen. Two very basic but oh so important fields of life. It’s an excellent time to think of how you can make your everyday life more organized, efficient, and healthy. These are all Virgo domains. Just don’t forget that doing nothing is also ok in case that is what you need. What is that if not healing?

If you have your birth chart, have you looked up where this new Moon falls in your chart? This is where you find your new beginning.

If you appreciated my text you can support me by sharing it, I wish you a wonderful New Moon,new start! 

Lots of Love from me to you


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