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Lucky New Moon in Virgo - Held from above

New Moon in Virgo 9-10 Sept 2018 depending where on earth you are

This New Moon today is really something special! I don't always write about New Moons since they happen as often as once every month. But today's New Moon in Virgo makes wonderfully empowering aspects, so it's worth mentioning!

If you decide to start something new this evening (whatever it is), the idea is born under lucky stars! Use the 3-4 days after the New Moon to put things in to action. No stress though, there are no rigid time frames in Cosmos. See it as an extra service from above being offered, and take it if you want. Be awake and look out for opportunities because the ones who comes now might be something special...

To clarify...this is not only for Virgos but applies to all Zodiac signs. Even though some will be more affected then others. In order to see more exact in which area of life you can see these blessings and opportunities we need to look at your personal birth chart based on time and location of birth. A report like this is general.

Otherwise my best advice for you is to follow your know what your dreams and hopes are!

The idea just struck me...imagine a baby born under this New Moon! Lucky one! Though I must say...there are no heavens with only lucky stars, each birth horoscope comes with its own challenges.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, I will answer.

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New Moon Blessings / Mila

Artwork: Will Willson "Sanctuary"

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