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New Moon in Gemini ~ Moving between worlds

New Moon in Gemini May 22 2 degrees We have a lovely New Moon in Gemini today. A New Moon always means a new beginning for every single one of us. In which life area depends on your personal horoscope. A New Moon always comes with a burst of energy!

This New Moon is about connecting to others in any way possible! Since Gemini rules communication. I took this New Moon very literally and met up with a dear Gemini friend of mine. She’s a very typical Gemini I would say, very smart and with the ability to fast understand others and therefore it’s very easy to feel happy and at ease together with her. Gemini’s tends to have an overall intelligence..if there is even something called that!? “Street smart” would be a better word maybe. Butterflies are symbolically connected to Gemini. Many believe that it’s because they reflect the light, fast, and a bit unpredictable movement of a typical Gemini. But Butterflies are also symbolic of death & rebirth. The Mythological God that rules Gemini is “Hermes”. Hermes was the only God who was allowed down into the underworld where the death God Hades ruled. Because one of Hermes tasks was to transport dead souls to the underworld.

Today in our world up here you often see Gemini’s in transportation professions. And also a bit surprising to many they also work in death relates professions. I have seen it many times. I know one Gemini for example who works in palliative care. It’s the hospital where they take care of patients who are in their last stage of life.

What a text! It started with a burst of new energy and ended with death! As unpredictable as the Gemini energy!

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