Neptune opposing Sun Acceptance

(Cosmic weather now, applies to all)

The strong Neptune theme continues for many days ahead. This is one of the most challenging planetary influences for me personally. Almost every time Neptune gets strong in the sky it happens that someone in my family becomes ill ( nothing serious) and I need to give up all my outer plans for a couple of days. Quite a normal situation really, but a very Neptunian one! Also, this caregiver/ being home situation doesn’t come naturally at all for me, I feel terribly trapped.

When Neptune aspects the Sun in this way it’s very often that we have to give up some of our more “worldly”/material plans for a couple of days. This can be very difficult for people who are natural “achievers”. But you have to see it as a practice in being mindful and to also learn to appreciate the simple and subtle things in life. I’m practicing this right now, and I’m telling you I’m pulling my hair!

Favorable activities during Neptune influence: Creative activities; For ex dancing, music, drawing… All water activities Caring for someone who needs you ( My situation lol!)

There is often a theme of sacrifice involved during Neptune influence. Other possible things could be: Having to let go of someone or something Working through a healing situation somehow.

On September 20 we have a Pisces Full Moon, Pisces is ruled by Neptune so that’s what I mean when I say that the Neptune theme continues for many more days!

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