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Navigating through uncertainty - Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Born around the following dates only: Mars 6, Oct 10, Dec 10, June 7.

Lately, I have gotten many worried emails from people born in one of these signs, or with other significant points in one or more of these signs. So I thought to give a brief explanation of what is going on for many of these people. These four sign has been affected by Neptune by transit either recently, right now or very soon, depending on the exact day you were born, and the process can go on for about two years. 

Neptune is the great dissolver who wants to merge the soul into a higher consciousness away from this third-dimensional reality that we operate in. When a Neptune transit kicks in we can feel confusion and a lack of direction in life and our faith and ideals can meet resistance in some kind of form. Sadness and lethargy are not uncommon, this is usually because we try to hold on too tightly to circumstances that Neptune wants to dissolve.

During Neptune transits it's very important to develop faith. Often Neptune takes away circumstances people and things that no longer serve our higher good. This is of course incredibly painful but if you are experiencing this you must know that it's always for your best, even though it's often impossible to comprehend at the moment while it's happening. 

Planetary influences don’t care if you are suffering now because it has your whole life in its mind, the long perspective. Now we must not forget that Neptune transits have many incredible and beautiful rewards also!  SPIRITUAL and CREATIVE endeavors usually balance out the negative effects of Neptune.  If you don’t belong to any specific “faith” or religion you should anyway look for and explore ways to connect to something higher and meaningful in life. It could be anything that gives you a sense of peace if only for a little moment. The higher and positive expression of Neptune is exactly that, a feeling of connection to the divine, and it is up to you to decide what is divine for you. Many people experience their first mystical events in life during a Neptune transit, sometimes it's only a slight feeling of protection in a dark moment, as if a higher force is in action, something that is watching over you.

There is really so much to say about Neptune transits but I hope this gave something little for your development.

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