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My love & Relationships personal readings

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I offer two types of relationship readings

MATCH OR NOT? - reading

Answers these questions:

Do I match with the other person? Are we compatible for a future together? Do we have any past life history or karma together? What are our advantages and challenges together? Does the relationship have long term potential? What are the two of us here to work on together in a karmic perspective? Through which life areas are we connected to each other in this lifetime?


Here we look at you only. What are your “attractive powers”? Everyone has got their very own ones. By identifying what you are born with it gets much easier to use your unique charisma. You also want to attract potential partners that are compatible with YOU. ( Many people have challenges with this) We can also see WHERE you are most likely to meet a person like this. We look at your Venus Jupiter and Moon signs, and your horoscope as a whole. If you are a man we look at Mars and the Sun, among other planetary placements. My readings have a psychological approach, with the aim to make you conscious about your own behaviors.

You can at any time get an EXAMPLE READING from me by messaging me. This way you get an idea of what a reading looks like.

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