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My life-changing Uranus transit to Venus

Today I want to give an example of how Uranus transits to personal planets can express. Uranus to personal planets works slowly because they last a long time, so it’s not always that you get the typical Uranian “sudden awakenings” and things happening fast and out of control.

For about 1 – 2 years ago I had transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Venus, at the same time trining my Moon and Neptune, and also opposing Jupiter and Pluto.

With 3 very “female” planets involved one could guess that the “Uranian awakening” could have something to do with the birth of a new femininity. Natal Venus would be the most important planet to look at during this long transit, and Venus rules VALUES.

What happened is that I got pregnant. For me, this was an enormous awakening emotionally ( Moon) and by values ( Venus) and very much spiritually too ( Neptune). Neptune is unconditional love and yes this was what happened to me! I used to think people who talked about their unconditional love to their kids were a bit ridiculous but here I was; the queen of over the top emotions! To me, the whole experience was very “ Uranian”. And with these archetypically female planets involved by aspects, it was very obvious that I was changed as a woman…forever! It was mostly trines involved so I cannot say that I suffered much during this transformation. The struggling part started more after my baby had turned a few months, but then Uranus by transit was gone.

My values changed a lot during Uranus transit to Venus. I think in a quite typical “becoming a Mother” way. You start to appreciate new things and lose interest in old ones.

Have you had a Uranus transit to your Venus or Moon recently? How did you change?

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