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My daughter's birthday

Today is a special day, because today is my favorite Aquarius birth day. What a year it’s been! The most joyous AND difficult year in my whole life probably. I love my Ebba more than anything in the whole Universe, but Motherhood is extremely difficult if you ask me. Still I haven’t breastfed full time. And I’ve had the most supportive boyfriend and Mother in law who’s been up with me every night and day helping me. But still the most difficult thing I’ve done in my whole life. This page and my interaction with you my dear Astrology friends have given me so much joy and creativity besides being a Mother. I feel already now that Mercury is about to go shadow soon, it’s so difficult to write! Sorry if my English is strange.

If you have children how did you experience the first year of being a Mother? And can you relate it to your natal horoscope? What sign do you have on your fifth house cusp (house of children)? And what aspects does your fifth house ruler make?

I have Capricorn on my fifth house cusp. This can explain why I feel that taking care of children is hard work. But I also have Jupiter sextile my Moon and Neptune trining it, and this helps me to feel that there’s a deeper meaning behind the experience of being a Mother. There is something vast and unfathomable about it, that one might only understand later, or maybe never. Schedule your personal horoscope reading with me

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