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Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Aquarius – Something is boiling

At this point of the Moon cycle there’s a slight stress in the air. The Moon is in its last quarter phase, this means that there’s a square aspect of 90 degree between the Moon and the Sun. Do you know someone born with the square aspect between Sun and Moon? If you do you may have noticed that these people are always in a hurry, or they are quite stressed in general. It’s because they are born during this stress aspect. On the positive side these people are achievers, and they get things done, even though they might grind their teeth in the process.

This last quarter Moon phase emphasizes the clash between Scorpio & Aquarius. Tumultuous feelings may boil under a cool surface. I like to use Scorpio Moon’s to clean out old rubbish, literally…cleaning the house or basement. Sometimes in this dusty process you can find small treasures.

Another way to bring together the Aqua and Scorpio energy is to tell a friend about all those heavy thoughts you are walking around with.

Life is less heavy together says Aquarius. Schedule your personal horoscope reading with me. Click " Contact" To the right above.

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