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Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

The Moon is right now in Sagittarius. The Moon stays in one sign for 2,5 days giving us the general atmosphere and "mood" during its short stay in each sign. This "mood" affects everyone so to say.  So what is Sagittarius all about?  Sagittarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac. Life needs to have a deeper meaning and purpose says Sagittarius. If they don't work with something spiritual or religious you can be sure that a person who is born with either Moon or Sun in Sagittarius is always on the run for finding out more about the meaning of life, traveling the world, studying or simply connecting with people who could give them some clues. 

The arrow in the constellation of Sagittarius symbolizes the aiming for the ultimate truth. If there is even such thing as one truth? However Sagittarius will take great pleasure in seeking it. Most of the times during their whole life. Therefore there is something refreshingly youthful about these individuals no matter their age. They know  that if one day you stop being curious on life and you loose the enthusiasm to learn, maybe that's the day when the real death occurs? 

Where you born when the Moon or Sun was in Sagittarius? Or any other of the closest planets....Venus, Mars....

photo: Annie Leibovitz

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