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Merry Christmas & Thank you!

My astrology friends, I’m wishing you all a relaxing and joyful Christmas - for those of you who celebrate. I wanted to take my yearly Christmas selfie but I have a bad cold with a face looking accordingly so I’ll skip that

Big thanks to every one of you that has liked, shared, and commented on my posts this year. And of course to all my precious clients of 2022!! You keep me going with your inspiring birth charts!

We are moving on from the Capricorn New Moon on the 23rd ( traditions, closed structures) to a much more inclusive Aquarius Moon Sunday. This could be the day when you meet your eccentric childhood friend or your outcast / black sheep aunt that didn’t show up at the family gathering. Under the Aquarius Moon, the odd and eccentric are celebrated. Be inspired by those that have walked a different path!

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