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Medusa in my Horoscope

Quite recently I discovered that I have Asteroid Medusa squaring my Moon in my horoscope. When I think about my Mother I’m not surprised by this fact somehow. Although I don’t know much about this Asteroid. I’ve read briefly about the myth only. According to one of the myths Medusa was raped and then punished for this. That’s why she became “mad”.

I want to dig deeper into this. My own Mother was abusive, and I’ve suspected that she also was abused. I don’t feel very “Medusian” myself but as I said I don’t know much about the myth. I have very strong integrity and if someone crosses my boundaries I bite, but I definitely don’t slice of heads :) Yes...Chiron is also squaring my Moon, conjunct Medusa.

Anyone here who knows the myths of Medusa? You can schedule your personal horoscope reading with me, based on time and place of birth. Go to "Contact". You can also read what others have said about me under " People say"

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