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Mars retrograde. Sexual violence & Red blood cells

As most of you probably know by now Mars has been retrograde for a while now and boy how he has let us known that!!

There have been terrible fires and fiery protests all over the world! Mars rules both of these things and many things more, can you give me any more Mars themes that have come up lately?

I can give you a few personal ones. But first I want to explain to those of you who don’t know; when a planet goes retrograde the energy of that particular planet intensifies. So when Mars goes retrograde we can see themes of Mars intensifying around us, personal or globally.

A few examples of Mars themes:


Personal assertion


Fire (!)

Motivation and drive


Red blood cells

It can come up in both positive and negative ways because as you can see all these things have a positive and negative expression.

How I have noticed Mars retrograde personally:

In my neighborhood, we have had two rapes within a span of two days!! This has raised my consciousness on how I can protect myself in my neighborhood. Rape is the lowest expression of sexuality and therefore a Mars theme. Thinking of how I can protect me and my loved ones is a positive expression of Mars energy. The assertion of one's rights.

Also, my daughter got her blood tested today on the demand of a doctor. We found out that she had a very low level of red blood cells. In common words, it means that you have a lack of iron in the blood which can lead to Anemia.

Mars really got himself known in my life lately! Even if the blood test was sad news it is still positive in the end because we can now do something about it, and she doesn’t have to go around feeling unwell any longer.

But isn’t it striking how the planets deliver their themes?! Astrology never fails to amaze.

One thing to understand with retrograde planets is that they often want us to acknowledge or adjust some particular theme of the planetary energy.

Have you had any Mars themes in your life lately? I’m very curious to know. Also, do you know where Mars is traveling in your personal birth horoscope right now? That will show your own very personal themes coming up beside the ones that I have described.

Mars will be retrograde all the way until NOVEMBER 13. So it's important to know which life areas he is affecting for you personally. When you schedule your " What's going on now? - Reading" with me now I will of course explore this and many more things in your horoscope.

Welcome to schedule your reading!

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