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Mars into Aries and he will stay there for 6 months!

Something quite extraordinary is about to happen. Mars the warrior will go into Aries on June 29 and stay there all the way until January 2021. This is a very rare event and it will affect many of us in an important way. If you have important planets in ARIES or SCORPIO it can be extra important for you.

If you want to know which life area Mars will transform for you, you need to find Aries in your personal horoscope (Everyone has it somewhere even if you are born in another sign.) This life area in your horoscope will be under strong focus during Mars long stay there. This also because Mars will retrograde there during his stay there.

In this life area you will find a tremendous drive during this time, but you will also meet obstacles and delays especially if it touches important parts of your personal horoscope.

But as a whole I see this as a positive event, important developments are likely to happen for everyone in their certain life area, developments that can have long lasting effects.

Much to say about this event, I’ll save a bit for later...

You are very welcome to schedule your personal horoscope reading with me, we will go through this Mars event and much more that affects only you because no one has the same horoscope as you!

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