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Mars goes retrograde Sept 9 - Nov 13. The fire within you.

Mars goes retrograde tomorrow on September 9. When a planet goes retrograde it becomes stronger in its expression. There are a lot of myths about retrograde planets out there. Any planet that is retrograde will express itself stronger but in a completely different WAY than when it’s direct. If you have many retrograde planets in your birth horoscope you have stronger potential than a person with direct planets in general ( the whole horoscope needs to be analyzed) , but it will come in a different way than for people with direct planets. Just think about that several of your planets are STRONGER than for people with direct planets. I think this subject deserves a whole article for itself; I will try when I have time…

Ok this text was going be about Mars retro… loosing focus could be the first sign of Mars Retro haha... So Mars will be retro during about 8 weeks from now, so what does it mean? Think about the areas which Mars rules; Personal assertiveness, ability to take direct action on your wants and needs. It also rules anger, sexuality, courage and many more things. It’s very possible that one or more of these areas will come up as themes in your life during Mars long retrograde journey. The purpose is for you to get a chance to make these life areas better in some kind of way. Look at them and contemplate, when Mars goes direct you may have a whole new plan for this life area. Depending on when you were born Mars retro will affect specific life areas for you. The ones I mentioned above are the general ones, by looking at the exact birth horoscope of an individual we can see where it will play out more specifically for the person. So we are talking about two layers of information here.

Mars is the traditional ruler of Aries. When Mars goes retrograde the fire turns within. What keeps you motivated and burning like a strong flame in life? These are things to ponder now.

Retrograde planets in the birth horoscope have been one of my favorite subjects within astrology, and its been one of my focus studies. Do you have many retrograde planets in your birth horoscope? Schedule your personal astrology reading with me and we can take a deep and focused look at what this means for you personally. My readings are very in depth about your life path, and purpose.

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