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Many retrograde planets? A very special life path!

Have you got many retrograde planets in your birth chart? Chances are then that you’ve felt like an alien being dropped off on this planet, a few times in your life. Retrograde planets need lots of time to integrate into this earthly existence. So you might be a late bloomer in many ways. What many people don’t know though is that when a person with this type of horoscope finally succeeds with their endeavors they tend to do it big time!! And it becomes very lasting too...since the person has worked so very hard on these planetary energies for a long time most of the time.

However, until this moment comes often the person with the many retrogrades might need more support from others or society as a whole. If this is you don't despair or feel ashamed about it. You walk a very unique and magical life path!!

If you've got many retrograde planets you need to check if it's outer or inner planets. When you've got the inner planets retrograde the effect becomes much more powerful than if it's only the outer planets that you've got retrograde.

The inner planets are Mercury, Mars, and Venus. And to some extent, Jupiter and Saturn depend a bit on each case.

Want to know how your many retrograde planets affect your life path? Which specific life areas are under the retrograde 'Spell" etc...and how you can work with it? To book a private Astrology reading with me send me a message under "Contact". 30 % discount on video reports! 20 % discount on extensive written reports! Only until New year!

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