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Lunar eclipses and revelations in unresolved CRIMES

Image: Adam Bird
Image: Adam Bird

If you are one who follows the news you may have noticed that days or weeks around lunar eclipse news about newfound evidence around crimes often pops up. It can be crimes that were made for a very very long time ago, where suddenly something significant breaks through in the investigation.

It happened now at the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5. Here in Sweden, we received significant news about the Olof Palme murder that was committed 34 years ago. ( Prime minister of Sweden at that time)The news led to a closure of the case ( that’s been ongoing for 34 years!!)Which is quite revolutionary considering everyone thought it would continue into eternity. It doesn’t end there..another important murder was actually solved on June 11. A man who had murdered one boy and a woman was arrested 16 years after the actual crime. He admitted the crime after that the police showed their newfound evidence for him.

Lunar eclipses are almost always about endings and closures. Secrets of all kinds are also often revealed, this is also very known facts about lunar eclipses. The Moon represents the hidden and also the past, in contrast to the Sun. Also, this eclipse happened in Sagittarius, and this sign rules both truth and law. And the truth sure came out for some….

Was something revealed to you around the time of this eclipse? If not give it a few more weeks...;)

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