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Lunar eclipse in Aquarius - BREAKING FREE (26 degrees Aquarius)

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

A Lunar eclipse always calls us for and gives us an opportunity for higher awareness about our emotional and intuitive nature. It's a chance to tune in. If you do so you might get access of just that last piece of the puzzle that has been missing in order to solve it.

This lunar eclipse gives us a triple dose of positive Aquarian energy. Both the Sun and Moon are in flowing aspects to Uranus ruler of Aquarius. Yeah!!! Aquarius is asking us if we are living an authentic life and what the price is if we are not doing that. Is it worth it?

Questions to ask yourself: Is there things in my life that are old and stale and that has lost their purpose? The planetary influences right now are supporting changes and shedding of the old.

What is ORIGINAL about me and how can I use this for my benefit?

Am I using my whole creativity in order to find solutions to things that are bothering me? At this time we have a great chance to find unexpected or unusual solutions to our problems.

In order to find out how how this eclipse will affect you and which life area of yours that is undergoing this change we need to know in which house it falls in your birth chart and the aspects it is making.

The general theme for everyone though is the search for authenticity and freedom. What in your life could use a boost of those qualities? The energy of the eclipse will last for about 2 weeks after the actual event. So you have time to think...

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