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Life & death in parallel - The eight house

Today as I sat at the emergency with a family member (It was nothing serious in the end) I was pondering the eight house in the astrological wheel. The emergency is a real expression of the eight house. Or the hospital as a whole is an expression of the eight house. People are born there, and they die there. The wheel of the eight house. .

My eight house is activated by transit now too, since I have Aries in the eight house the Sun is there right now.

It’s easy to forget the simple transit of the Sun through the houses, and just look at complicated Astrology. But the Sun through the houses of your personal horoscope is one of the easiest ways to follow cosmic cycles. You only need your horoscope and knowing what Zodiac sign has birth day right now.

Every year when the Sun hits the first degree of Aries I know it’s time to shed some skin, it’s time to let go to higher powers and trust what is unfolding. It’s the energy of the emergency room.

This year almost everyone I knew got sick. When I was sitting there in the emergency room, extremely tired, surrounded by corona posters everywhere I saw the very strong spring Sun through the window. I have lots of fire in my chart so I love the Sun. At that moment it gave me all the strength I needed to continue. I thought that in the eight house things dies and are born in parallel, and it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Spring is born just as Corona is slowly dying.

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Image: Albert Acosta

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