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Libra - I see me through you

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Libra period: Sept 23 - Oct 23

Oh Libra, just thinking of you makes me feel calm, and my pulse lowers ( It's usually racing since I'm a Gemini Sun) It seems you were born in to this world to remind people how to live in beauty harmony and peace. Since the world is not in this state right now we really need your assistance.

You show us through art, music or diplomacy that it's really possible to get along. "Relating" is a key word for you. Relationships are very important for your development and sense of self. Some people may judge you for being shallow when you so easily get along with and sympathizes with others. But to think so is actually to make a shallow judgement. The truth is that you have a supernatural talent when it comes to recognizing what is beautiful in each individual. How can this be other than positive?

As all different Zodiac signs you have a very special mission in your life. Yours starts by mirroring yourself in others and in that way discover more about yourself and in particular HOW to get along in a close partnership - one of the most difficult things there is in this life. This is your special wisdom that you can teach others. You may have had many relationships coming and going in your life, especially while young. It’s all as it should be, as long as you feel good with it. Others also learn from being in a relationship with you, whether it's friendship or intimate.

If you where born during the Libra period it means that the Sun was in Libra when you where born. The Sun is said to be in “fall” in Libra. That means that the Sun (ego) is weak in Libra. This is a very old fashioned view in Astrology that not all Astrologers apply any longer, but it can give us some valid reflections: A weak Sun gives a weaker ego in the person. If we look throught the lens of old patriarchal structures (that are still very active in our consciousness!) this is actually bad, since the ideal is to have a strong, tough, battling ego, inconsiderate of others needs.

BUT if we forget this old outdated concept and see relating to others, consideration of others, and diplomacy, as very important skills the concept of a weak Sun is no longer valid. Yes let’s do that! Let’s throw that rubbish away. In a world full of war and conflicts, we need Libras to balance the scale.

You don’t recognize yourself in my description of Libras although you where born during Libra period? Nothing odd about that. In your personal birth horoscope based on time and place of birth you may have emphasis on other zodiac signs, even if you where born during the Libra period.

Astrology is a very complexed field, and this is a general description for all Libras.

Photography: Anna Moskaltova

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