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Jupiter into Pisces soon Dreams CAN come true!

Applies to everyone ( Special info Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Now Jupiter is speeding through the last degrees of Aquarius and will enter Pisces on the 29th of December and then stay there all 2022! Good news for all Pisces natives in other words! Jupiter is strong ( exalted) in Pisces and can therefore more easily bestow everyone ( in particular Pisces natives) with its gifts of expansion and cheer luck!

If you have Pisces placements lookup that planet archetype to understand more about how Jupiter’s transit through Pisces will affect you.

Look also if you have any of the 4 angles in Pisces, ( Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC) if so Jupiter's journey through Pisces will be very important for you.

People born in Pisces might finally take a leap of faith towards dreams that they have that involve creativity, spirituality, or maybe one of the helping professions! And the cosmos will support them big time!

As a collective, we might see organizations/ businesses that work with charity, mysticism, or the creative arts blossom during this period.

Pisces in my opinion is one of the “Witchy” signs and that expresses as an ability to “Dream” their way to higher manifestation.

In the world as a whole, we will also see more positive developments as Jupiter loves to be in Pisces. Jupiter will be in this sign back and forth all the way until Dec 20, 2022. I say back and forth because it will go retrograde through Aries 2 times.

People with Cancer, and Scorpio placements will also be positively affected for certain periods as Jupiter moves through Pisces. If you are one of those signs, check which house/ life area you’ve got your Sun in and also where you have Pisces on the cusp in your chart. Those two life areas will be positively affected!

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Image: Natalia Le Fay

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