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Joy & opportunities today Sun trine Jupiter Sept 9

Applies to all, cosmic weather now

Today is one of the luckiest days during the whole autumn. The Sun in Virgo is making a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn. Because Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs the blessings today can come in the form of material luck in some way. Let's look at what earth as an element stands for; Physical pleasure, things/ material of worth, money, nature experiences, being one with nature, things and events that builds long term stability and resources. Jupiter as an archetype is about exploring so it could be a good idea to be out and about these days ( this aspect is active +- 3 days around the actual date)in order to spot the opportunities. Be open to new things and people, explore something unknown it may lead to lucky chance and joy. This aspect will affect certain life areas depending on when you were born. In your personal birth horoscope look where Virgo and Capricorn are ( its somewhere for everyone). These two life areas may show some positive results right now. Schedule your personal horoscope reading with me. My readings are known to be in-depth and extensive, about your unique life path. Based on exact birth data.

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